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When to buy Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) Insurance Policy

When do you consider buying Medicare supplement plans believing it to be the right time? The best time is during the open enrollment period lasting for a period of six months and initiates with your birthday month. It offers a balance of three months ahead and following your birthday month when you attain your 65 years. This is the time you can get Part B enrolled. On turning 65 on a particular date such as May 3, but you do not join Part B Medicare up to June 25, it means your Open Enrollment period of Medigap will begin only on 1 July that is the month first day where you are 65 and can enroll in Part B Medicare.

Once the period of Open Enrolment gets initiated, it cannot be replaced or delayed.  There are some states offering under age 65 people also Medicare supplement plans during the open enrollment period considering them eligible. Such people will have another enrolment period as they are 65. In case you are under 65 years, you may go through the guidelines and know from your state insurance department about the details to be surer.

Why to buy in the Open Enrolment Period?

Medicare supplement plans, the Medigap insurance companies are permitted to use medical underwriting to determine if your application must be accepted or not and what should be charged for the policy. An insurance company, in the open enrolment period can perform any of the following, in case there is a health problem or a disability:

  • It can delay the starting of your coverage
  • It can refuse selling the Medigap policy
  • It can charge higher premium than regularly charged at 65 for others.

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What is a waiting period during pre-existing condition?

An insurance company normally does not delay initiating during open enrolment period the overall coverage, but sometimes it makes you wait owing to some pre-existing condition. In case the Medigap insurance company follows a waiting period as pre-existing condition means it can deny offering you the costs that you spend out of pocket as cover to your existing health condition for a period of six months.( During this time, the Original Medicare will cover the condition, but you need to pay for copayments or coinsurance). However, the Medigap policy, after six months for pre-existing condition also will cover the costs out of pocket. Thus, Medigap insurance companies may delay the coverage offered if there exists a condition that was diagnosed or treated within a period of six months prior to the starting of the policy.

Medicare Advantage Plans include Zero Dollar ($0) Premiums, is it true?

Are you trying to find out details about Medicare Advantage plans and to know if they really offer $0 premium plans. Offering a Zero premium is true, but that does not mean all the costs of your health care are covered.

What are $0-premium plans?

Regardless of whether there is $0 premium or not, the Medicare Advantage plans offer an opportunity to get the benefits of Medicare through the contracted private insurance company as Medicare approved. Under this Medicare Advantage plans means it is also known as Part C Medicare program. Such plans are also expected to offer Part A and B Traditional Medicare. However for the benefits of hospice, you have to come through Part A Medicare directly.

What about the costs out-of-pocket with $0-premium plans?

Medicare Advantage plans come typically with the costs out-of-pocket, just as other health insurance plans. These are expenses that may be included such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.

  • Deductible refers to the amount you pay prior to Medicare Advantage Plans paying the covered services share. Of course, not all the plans have deductible amount and even if they have, it may vary with plans.
  • Generally, coinsurance amount refers to the total cost percentage you may pay for covered service such as 20%.
  • Copayment that is set as an amount to be paid for covered services

Insurance companies issuing the plans of Medicare Advantage maintain rates flexibility. In accordance with the plan premiums, there is variation with the amounts in the deductibles, coinsurance and copayments. Another item cost-related is the amount going as out-of-pocket expenses. The fact is Medicare Advantage plans, inclusive of the $0 premium has maximum out-of-pocket and this varies with plans, though it changes every year. This is the total cost to be paid by you to the Medicare-covered services. On spending a particular amount for the services in a year, you need not pay that year for covered services.  So, before arriving at a decision to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans with $0-premium, you may consider other costs. It is good to compare all costs of Medicare Advantage plans.

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More facts of $0-premium

Medicare Advantage plans with or without $ zero premium, requires the enrolled person to pay premium for Part B Medicare, apart from the plan premium. However, you are a part of the Medicare program even as you receive the Medicare Advantage plans benefits. Thus taking an informed decision is beneficial.

Top Reasons behind getting the Medicare Supplement Plan

A lot of people don’t get the Medicare supplement plan as they find it difficult to give monthly premium. But, believe me; the advantages of those monthly premiums are worth it. For those who don’t know, Medicare Supplement plans are actually health insurances that an individual purchase from any privately owned business to pay the medical or health care costs that are not paid by the Original Medicare, for example, deductibles, co-installments and medical care while a person is outside the U.S. These plans don’t cover long haul care, vision care, dental care, eyeglasses, hearing aids or private nursing duties. Most plans don’t cover the prescriptions drugs as well. An individual has to pay a premium each month for the policy / plan.

Below are a few important reasons behind getting the Medicare Supplement Plan.

  1. Your medical bills get secured:
    Suppose that you consistently need to buy Medicare-covered, but expensive, medicinal supplies. Under the Medicare Part B, almost eighty percent of your medical expenses can be dealt with; however, 20 percent of the bill is still your obligation. You’ll have to achieve the yearly Medicare Part B deductible before the starting of Medicare to pay its share; this deductible sum may change every year. In case you’re secured by a Medicare Supplement plan, that additional 20 percent out of your pocket will be mostly secured.
  2. Acceptance is guaranteed: Contingent upon when you purchase Medicare Supplement plan, the insurance agency needs to accept you as a member regardless of whether you have medical issues, and it can’t charge you a higher rate on account of your health condition. This is valid in the event that you purchase your Medicare Supplement plan amid the period of your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment (the half year duration that starts the month when you turn 65 and have Medicare Part B).You can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan whenever you like, however in the event that you apply after the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period, much of the time the insurance provider can decline to offer you any plan, or charge you more after going through your medical history. 
  3. Wide varieties to choose from:
    Several insurance providers offer Medicare Supplement plans that have a wide variety to choose from. The policies/plans with the best coverage have a tendency to have higher premiums to be paid monthly.
  4. Scope outside of the United States:
    In case you’re outside the U.S. on any vacation and a sudden ailment happens to you, then some Medicare Supplement plans help cover all the medical costs outside of the nation as well.
  5. Control over your alternatives:
    With Medicare Supplement protection, not exclusively do you get the opportunity to pick such plan that suits your requirements; you likewise have the choice of including Medicare coverage of professionally prescribed drugs. Similarly, you will get many other alternatives to choose from.  All these reasons are enough to prove that the United Healthcare medicare supplement are very important to get.

How to Avoid Challenges With Your Medicare Supplement Plan

Getting a Medicare supplement plan, alternatively also referred to as ‘Medigap’, enables patients to support payment for few services that ‘Original Medicare’ may not encompass. They are sold by private companies and have customized options for versatile healthcare needs. A well-placed Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan is quite likely to reduce the ‘Original Medicare’ cost burden significantly. Apart from the financial support, a well thought and customized Medigap plan can bring several benefits to the patient. These include:

  • A Medicare supplement plan that include full or part balance expenditure that may not be covered in the Medicare Part B.
  • Security of overseas coverage for frequently travelling patients
  • Assured acceptance, without any extra premium for existing health condition, when a patient buys Medicare Supplement plan during the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period.
  • Standardized Medicare Supplement plans are automatically renewable after every year,as long as the patient is paying all premiums.
  • Unlimited accessibility of hospitals that participate in Medicare
  • Customized approach for a suitable plan targeted for individual needs.

Except minor differences in Medigap plans in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, law regulates policies for all the 10 standardized Medicare Supplement plans in 47 US states. It is important to note that Patients need to keep their Original Medicare insurance and continue paying Part B premium when they get a Medicare Supplement plan.  There are complicated regulations that govern your fitness care coverage beneath Medicare and personal coverage, so it’s miles important to understand your rights and obligations, as well as relevant laws, before you make a decision whether or not to drop Medicare and sign up for non-public medical insurance.  If you are eligible to enroll in Medicare, but no longer currently signed up for both original Medicare (element A and component B) and a Medicare advantage plan, you will be capable of get non-public medical health insurance. There are some matters to recollect, however, earlier than you are making your choice among authentic Medicare (part A and element B) and private insurance:

  • In case you do now not sign up in Medicare at some stage in your preliminary Enrollment period* whilst you first come to be eligible, you can have to pay a late-enrollment penalty along with your monthly charges when and if you finally do sign up for Medicare.
  • After your initial Enrollment length expires, in maximum cases, you may most effective be capable of join in Medicare throughout the general Enrollment duration each year (January 1 through March 31) and your coverage will now not start till July 1st of that yr, which means that you might cross without health insurance for several months.


During this stage, it is the stage where the seniors need to spend their golden years most amazingly and excitingly. We often find them looking for economical ways of enjoying their travel to avoid misuse of finances and time. Enjoying your retirement should be safe, but in case of an accident, no one wants extra medical bills.  Medicare Supplement 2018 may be the answer.  Get more information and a quote at

Medicare Supplement 2018

When the seniors go camping, there are several tips that they need to take into account and these include;

  1. Have the necessary camping equipment- These include the sleeping bag, camping gas cylinder, cookware items all which are readily available in the house. Therefore it is not required to go put buying new items whereas one can pack from the household and use them for the time they will be out camping. These items are used in the normal way that they are used from home and make life look continuous. By doing this, they save effectively on the cost of purchasing.
  2. Arrange for the meals that you will cook while camping- Before travel, arrange the days that you will need to be out camping and do proper budget for the food that you will use. This could include coffee, sugar, and long life milk. The other foodstuffs can also be bought from the locals to avoid being charged higher while in a foreign land so long as they will be in a position to be kept fresh for some time. It’s also advisable to buy the blocked ice for keeping the foodstuffs fresh and last longer.
  3. Research for the areas for camping- Currently there are various websites that give full information of a certain area and the unique services that each of them has to be able to make preferences on the best places to visit.
  4. Knowing what you will camp in- The best camping and best way to travel is having an RV, but there are other options like ha nicely made tent that would still be comfortable. One should not restrict himself to just one idea as you consider the cost implications.
  5. Confirm that the national park you intend to camp in has a national park pass for seniors which will reduce the cost by far. Mostly the passes are given to the seniors who are 62 years and over and this adds more fun and the great experience for the travelling seniors.


Travel and camping will make the mind and body relax as you make new adventures which promote a healthier life and promotes living longer.

What are the Top 5 Things to Consider While Opting for Insurance Plans?

Medicare Supplement Plans 2018  is a guarantee that you have your back covered in case of financial emergencies. With the state of world economy these days, a proper insurance plan can be a worthwhile investment for anyone who needs to be safe in case of financial duress during an unforeseen medical emergency, loss of an earning member, inability to continue with professional life and more. Find out about the top 5 things to consider while opting for an insurance plan.

Insurer’s reputation

Check whether the insurer is a reputed one, and is backed by a credible financial institution. The agency needs to have a solid reputation as a credible insurer. It is a good idea to look for a company that has been in the business for some years at least. An experienced, long-timer agency is always a safer bet than new companies that have just opened up business.

T & C

Make sure that you read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. Insurance is a complex thing, and there are many technicalities and grounds on which you may be denied a claim when you need it the most. If you are unable to understand some of the terminologies, ask the provider to clarify those points. You can also take along someone who has already opted for an insurance plan from some other agency, to help you in making an informed decision.

Know about the deductibles

Deductibles refer to the sum that you are supposed to first pay up before the insurer pays any amount to you, for any claim that you make. The more you increase your deductibles, the more you can save money in the long run. It is easy to raise the deductibles. It is important to discuss this with your insurance provider.

Find out about other insurance products

If you want various types of insurance to stay covered from various mishaps – accidents, death of an earning member, loss of limb or livelihood, fire hazards, natural disasters etc, you should try to know about the various types of insurance products offered by the company.

Know about package insurance policy

If you would like to have multiple policies and consolidate them into a single plan with just one premium, it would be cheaper to have all the policies from a single insurance provider. You need to take a decision about multiple policy obtaining and consolidation.

5 Main Factors that will affect your Medicare Advantage Plan Price

All available advantage plans have standardized benefits and if your neighbor is on plan A and you get the plan A as well, you will enjoy the same benefits. All these plans are regulated by the federal government. It won´t matter wat which health insurance company you enroll to the plan, they are required by law to provide you with specific benefits, already set by the government. One huge part that health insurance companies get to decide on their own and may vary from company to company, is the price of the premium. When trying to enroll to a plan, it is a mistake to believe that the price won´t differ from the ones of another company. In fact, it is strongly recommended to look around and check out several companies. This is how you can compare prices and make sure that you are getting the best deal. What many will wonder is what do these companies base the price on? Is there anything I can do to get a better premium deal at enrollment? Here are the 5 main factors that affect what you will be charged for your Medicare advantage plan:


  1. Age: Most premium 2019 medicare advantage plans will be based on your age. Not only will age make a difference at the time of your enrollment, it will also make a difference once you´re already enrolled. The older the get, the more you will have to pay for your advantage plan. There are carriers however who will only look at the age you´re in at enrollment and won´t increase as you age.


  1. Gender: For some carriers, gender will play a role as well. There are premium plans who are cheaper for women than for men. This is due to the statistics, which state that women require less health care services than men and tend to generally have better health.


  1. Region: Where you live will matter too. Insurance companies will look at the average wealth of the residents living in that region and will set their prices to an amount they believe to be affordable for that specific region.


  1. Tobacco: Using tobacco for a longer period of time will play a role in your premium rate. Any type of tobacco use is believed to increase the amount you would otherwise pay up to 10% monthly.


  1. Family: Some carriers offer discounts for family members. This is a way of these carriers trying to get as many members of one family to enroll to one of their products and not choose another carrier instead. This also applies to couples or friends who live in the same house, assuming the family member or friend is over 18 years old.

These and other factors may all affect the price you´re paying for your Medicare advantage plan. While some of the factors one really can´t do anything about, like age, there are still factors that members can influence. One big factor being tobacco consumption. Quitting smoking will save you money even when it comes to your health insurance!

Medicare Supplement plans: Know its positives

Getting into the eligibility age of applying for traditional Medicare plan is indeed a good thing. However, there are chances of the person facing problems of not in a position to meet the percentage that is not covered Medicare. Since traditional Medicare covers just 80% of medical expenses, if the remaining 20% amount is huge, then the person is likely to fall into financial problems. If the desire is to escape from such undesirable situation, then it will be wise to avail one of the several Medicare Supplement plans offered by private insurance companies in the region.

Getting supplement coverage

Contacting different insurance providers can help derive quotes suited to the specific requirements of the individual. With different plans offering different features and benefits, the person should select one that can fulfill his medical needs and covers the expenses that he is likely to incur or is faced with.

Reason to get 2019 AARP Medicare Supplement plans is to save money

One major reason to select Medigap insurance plan is that they do offer some kind of coverage to pay up the bills not covered by traditional Medicare. Hence, instead of worrying how certain medical bills are to be paid, the person can leave that issue to the supplement providers that he has enrolled with. For instance, if he/she is to undergo hip replacement treatment, it is likely to cost thousands of dollars. All medical expenses from start to finish will be borne by Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans that have been selected, thus freeing the beneficiary from having to bear any out of pocket expenses.

The other reason to avail supplement plans is that their premiums are pocket friendly. By paying low monthly premiums along with Medicare premiums, the person can enjoy enhanced coverage. Although a secondary plan, during emergency times, this can prove to be more than a savior. Hence, it is a wise way to save money by choosing the best available Medicare Supplement plans.

Deepening upon the selected plan, the providers might also offer prescription plan at affordable premium rates. This can further help the beneficiary to avoid high expenses usually faced on the increasing expenses on prescribed drugs.

Therefore, retiring can be a fun filled and allow the person to spend more time with the family, if he/she is adequately covered on the health aspect. With not much income to spend, the Medicare Supplement plans can be termed to be a blessing in disguise, besides the Medicare.

Why the need for health insurance?

Why the need for 2019 health insurance?

This is a question that is asked by majority of the people which also includes retirees and would-be retirees. Health insurance like Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans have been created for those who will be touching 65 years of age and above, including the handicapped. Health insurance safeguards the person from financial hardship caused by untimely medical expenses. Since the person is aging, he might be prone to facing health difficulties and get sick. There are few who may be suffering from different types of ailments and will have to visit doctors, hospitals and get proper treatment promptly for well being. It is only by having the most appropriate health insurance that the person enjoys good health and stop worrying about finances.

Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans: Which one to choose?

There is a genuine need to research thoroughly and find out more about traditional Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans offered in each and every region across the country. Some supplement plans may be in vogue at some region and not accepted in others. Hence, it becomes crucial to consult the Medicare agent and seek their assistance to understand the eligibility aspects and the plans that the person can apply for.

Medicare covers almost 80% of all treatment expenses and doctor/hospital visits that the person undergoes. But the remaining 20% can be filled up by selecting the best available Medicare Supplement plans. Hence, it is essential to evaluate every supplement type that the person is eligible to avail and obtain accurate details, so as to choose the one which best suits individual medical needs.

Benefit of Mediocre and Medicare Supplement plans

The government has come up with fabulous plan to provide adequate medical protection and coverage to its senior citizens, since with age, they retire from regular services and are left at the mercy of pensions, savings and their kin. With supplement insurance, the senior citizens now are able to get additional coverage for those supplement expenses, not covered by Medicare. There are available various types of supplement insurance, which comes with different kinds of features and benefits. It will be useful to go through them in details and understand them properly.

So, there are several things to be taken into consideration while contemplating the type of insurance to be selected which will prove to be beneficial. The planning should also include the kind of coverage that is really required.

Medicare Supplement plan Eligibility: Know the facts

It is necessary for the to-be retirees to understand the different Medicare Supplement plans and the eligibility options. Two unique options are present where the eligible individual can avail additional benefits. The first aspect is called ‘Standard Medicare’, ‘Primary Medicare’ or ‘fee for service’. In this coverage form, the recipient is able to get healthcare from any clinic, medical professional or center. The medical provider is paid by the medical insurance policy for the services availed by the beneficiary for all types of specific medical treatment that has been rendered during the period. For those treatments not covered by Medicare, one has to have appropriate Medicare Supplement plans.

Know the available options

There are different types of Medicare options available to people. They may either pay from their pocket or obtain Medicare Supplement plans also called ‘Medigap insurance. This coverage is meant for those items not taken care by original Medicare.

Medicaid insurance is a lawmakers program meant for wage earning people and pays almost all health care related expenses not covered by Medicare. If the person has not received Medicaid, then he/she is eligible to register for subsidized prescribed drug insurance policy with Medicare Part D.

With the managed care packages also called Medicare Advantage offered by managed care suppliers and private insurance providers, people can get hold of Medicare benefits. It covers almost everything which is done by standard Medicare policy. It also includes supplemental services, not insured by Medicare program. The well selected Medicare Supplement plans can eliminate most of the deductibles and copayments that is needed by common Medicare.

Most of the managed care coverage policies are usually offered by HMOs (Health Maintenance Institutions). They are also inexpensive when compared to the mixture of several common Medicare programs with Medigap additional insurance coverage. Healthcare vendors used by the client are also controlled by managed care plans. At times, the HMO programs might impede admission to a specific physician. It is done by limiting medical care or not authorizing medication.

Therefore getting to know about Medicare status is considered to be more than crucial and can also ensure complete coverage and saving of huge amounts of money.

For further assistance, people can call up the qualified and registered agent to give them details on the eligible 2019 Medicare Supplement plans and take well researched decisions that will favor their good health. Getting the best supplement plan is of utmost impotence for overall wellbeing.