Medicare Advantage Plans include Zero Dollar ($0) Premiums, is it true?

Are you trying to find out details about Medicare Advantage plans and to know if they really offer $0 premium plans. Offering a Zero premium is true, but that does not mean all the costs of your health care are covered.

What are $0-premium plans?

Regardless of whether there is $0 premium or not, the Medicare Advantage plans offer an opportunity to get the benefits of Medicare through the contracted private insurance company as Medicare approved. Under this Medicare Advantage plans means it is also known as Part C Medicare program. Such plans are also expected to offer Part A and B Traditional Medicare. However for the benefits of hospice, you have to come through Part A Medicare directly.

What about the costs out-of-pocket with $0-premium plans?

Medicare Advantage plans come typically with the costs out-of-pocket, just as other health insurance plans. These are expenses that may be included such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.

  • Deductible refers to the amount you pay prior to Medicare Advantage Plans paying the covered services share. Of course, not all the plans have deductible amount and even if they have, it may vary with plans.
  • Generally, coinsurance amount refers to the total cost percentage you may pay for covered service such as 20%.
  • Copayment that is set as an amount to be paid for covered services

Insurance companies issuing the plans of Medicare Advantage maintain rates flexibility. In accordance with the plan premiums, there is variation with the amounts in the deductibles, coinsurance and copayments. Another item cost-related is the amount going as out-of-pocket expenses. The fact is Medicare Advantage plans, inclusive of the $0 premium has maximum out-of-pocket and this varies with plans, though it changes every year. This is the total cost to be paid by you to the Medicare-covered services. On spending a particular amount for the services in a year, you need not pay that year for covered services.  So, before arriving at a decision to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans with $0-premium, you may consider other costs. It is good to compare all costs of Medicare Advantage plans.

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More facts of $0-premium

Medicare Advantage plans with or without $ zero premium, requires the enrolled person to pay premium for Part B Medicare, apart from the plan premium. However, you are a part of the Medicare program even as you receive the Medicare Advantage plans benefits. Thus taking an informed decision is beneficial.