What does Annual Disenrollment mean to the beneficiary?

What does 2019 Annual Disenrollment mean to the beneficiary?

Even if the Open Enrollment period has just completed, it does not mean that the person is out of time. Those who desire to leave behind their Part D or Medicare Advantage plans can avail Annual Disenrollment period. A popular joke in the industry is that beneficiaries can break up with the existing plans until Valentine’s Day. Availing the best Medicare Supplement plans should be the objective of each and every person eligible for Medicare plans.

About the Enrollment period

It is quite natural for people to get confused as their Open Enrollment period ends. Beneficiaries are provided with an opportunity by the Disenrollment period to leave Part D and/or C completely. On the other hand, beneficiaries can get access to switch carriers and plans annually with Open Enrollment period. During this period, they can also get to leave, especially through 1st January to 14th February, they can part with Part D or Part C and avail their choice of Medicare Supplement plans.

Scenarios to switch plans and carrier

Three scenarios are present that allows the person to switch, which is given below:

  • The 1st is meant for those having Advantage plan with drug plan .they can wing up Part D plan with Original Medicare or go for stand-alone.
  • The 2nd scenario is meant for those owning private free for service plans not including prescription coverage. Such people cannot purchase Part D till next October, but can revert back to traditional Medicare.
  • The 3rd scenario is that the person owns Part D policy and similar to the scenario above, is not provided the opportunity to switch plans/carriers until next year. If desired, they can leave Part D.

Bottom-line, it is very much possible for people to dis-enroll themselves from Part D and C and to revert back to traditional Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans.

What after disenrollment?

After disenrollment, the person can stick to his/her basic original Medicare or smartly purchase the best Medicare Supplement plans that fit needs and health requirements. Prior to disenrollment, it will  be wise to first check out if the person medically qualifies for the Medicare Supplement plans or not. This should be the basis of their decision to go ahead or be happy with what they have in hand! Discussing with the registered agent can help the person to know if he qualifies for the supplement plans or not.